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Third generation from my grandfather's generation ... while inheriting the purpose of our predecessors, we have adapted our business to content suited to the times.
Whether society becomes computerized or mechanized, in the end we believe that it is relationships between people that count, and we aim to always be a partner trusted by our customers.
Sea bream, Japanese flounder, bonito, young Pacific bluefin tuna, yellowtail......
As a business that deals with premium fresh fish and live fish, Iwata fully meet the needs of our customers.

Based on our motto of “focus on service and trust first,” our express fulfillment of telephone and fax orders from hotels, traditional Japanese restaurants and small eateries is very popular.
Iwata delivers also fresh seafood to households, banquets, and meetings.
Ingredients and delivery systems have gradually changed over time, but our commitment to providing fresh and delicious ingredients has remained unchanged since our inception.

About the design of the "Iwata” logo mark

The various parts represent the sun, land, and the sea, symbolizing our enduring gratitude to nature's blessings, and the overall “P” shape stands for our strong “Pioneering spirit,” which allows us to rise to any challenges.
We look forward to continued collaboration with you.

Corporate Info

Company name Iwata Corporation
Representative director Masao Iwata
Capital 10 million yen
employees 25 full-time employees, 2 part-time employees
Major trading partners
    Ryoshoku Limited
  • Hotel Okura Co., Ltd.
  • Hotel New Otani Co., Ltd.
  • Hankyu Hanshin Hotels Co., Ltd.
  • Sapporo Lion Limited
  • Asahi Food Create, Ltd.
  • Fujiplus Inc.
  • Resorttrust, Inc.
  • Kisoji Co., Ltd.
  • Kinokuniya Co.,Ltd.
  • Seijo Ishii Co., Ltd.
  • others
Business partner banks Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (Tsukiji branch) Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank (Tsukiji branch), others
  • ● Store

    6-5-1 Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0061 i-74-78
    03-3545-1456 (Office)
  • ● Office

    6-5-1 Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0061 Administrative Building 514


We are engaged in food supply to domestic and overseas stores, menu food proposal, and development and proposal of private brand products.

  • Food deliveries to stores in Japan
  • Menu food proposal
  • Development and proposal of private brand products



Through our network of partner companies throughout Japan, we can deliver and ship anywhere in Japan. We buy directly from markets, which allows us to deliver products inexpensively and in abundant quantities.
Deliveries are also possible because of our partnership with delivery services. All of Japan! We also deal with foreign companies.